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Tax and legal consulting

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Conducting a business is always accompanied by several formal requirements each of which has a deadline. As the company grows their number increases as well. We take this burden off your shoulders in the most crucial areas of the business – legal and tax.

Changeability of tax legal environment and the consequences of lacking knowledge in this respect may lead to operational risk. The larger the business activity scale the higher the risk involved. Therefore a meticulous and conscientious approach to legal and tax issues, often neglected by business owners due to lack of time, is of paramount importance.

With the help of competent lawyers and tax advisors you will be able to minimize potential threats. Handing over problematic formalities to experts gives you a comfortable position where you can devote your time to your core business.

Our advantages

  • Ability to present complicated and technical legal and tax issues in a comprehensive and simple manner
  • The culture of cooperation with courts and public administration
  • In-depth and meticulous approach to formalities
  • Transparently cleared costs of services depending on work actually performed

What you need
Scope of tax advisory

  • Drawing up analyses of tax simulations for transactions made by business entities
  • Working out concepts of optimising tax consequences for commercial and capital transactions entered
  • Drawing up opinions clarifying ambiguous tax regulations
  • Representing the customer before fiscal offices and the customs authorities
  • Preparation of complaints and appeals to higher court and office authorities
  • Drawing up complaints to Voivodship Administrative Courts and cassation appeals to the Chief Administrative Court as well as representation before these courts

Scope of legal advisory

  • Corporate services
    • Formation of partnerships, holdings, branches and representation offices abroad
    • Preparation of drafts for changes in partnership agreements and in articles of association
    • Preparation of resolution drafts and applications to KRS
    • Assistance in conducting general meetings of stakeholders or shareholders as well as changes in membership of the company bodies
    • Servicing while financing businesses through: capital increase, subsidies, loans
    • Leading capital reduction, redemption of shares
    • Participation in negotiating contract provisions
  • Mergers, transformations, company take-overs
    • Advisory on merger procedures, takeovers and transformations
    • Preparation of due diligence (also pre-privatization)
    • Participating in negotiations
    • Advising on other aspects of transactions, including personnel matters
  • Business activity
    • Preparation and verification of commercial contracts
    • Daily legal advisory, also at the customer’s premises
  • Personnel matters
    • Preparation and verification of labour contracts, managerial contracts, anti-competition agreements and other resulting from employment relation (e.g. work regulations, remuneration regulations)
    • Advisory on employment along civil law agreements and hiring foreigners
    • Drawing up documentation for changes in, or termination of work relation
    • Legal support in issues of business confidentiality breaches by employees
    • Preparing legal opinions for cases of employees takeover by other employers or for other issues on mergers, division and sales of the employer’s enterprise or its organized part
    • Advisory on: working time, maternity and parental leave, occasional leave and social security law
  • Public procurement
    • Drawing up terms of reference
    • Advisory on public bid procedures
    • End to end services for the contracting and contractor party at each stage of the bidding process
    • Formal, legal and substantial evaluation and assessment of tender documentation
    • Preparing opinions of legitimacy as well as formal, legal and substantial evaluation of protests, appeals and complaints
    • Analysis and evaluation of the offers submitted by contractors
    • Preparing legal opinions for issues regarding public bidding
  • Copyrights and related rights
    • Evaluation of materials from the point of view of copyrights, including breaches of personal rights and property rights
    • Evaluation of breaches of law in the Internet
    • Drawing up regulations for the use of intellectual property
    • Use and protection of data bases
    • Preparation of contracts for authors, artists protecting their right to the work
  • Proceedings before public administration and the court
    • Preparation of lawsuits, appeals and any documents related to court proceedings


  • Permanent and comprehensive legal service
  • Ad hoc consultations upon necessity
  • Tax and legal opinions (always in written form)
  • Support in complicated, non-typical, rare issues generating significant consequences

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