25 lat doświadczenia A. M. Jesiołowscy Finanse

Financial Audit

What distinguishes us

  • We have already audited over 300 financial statements and performed over 20 audits of the use of European Union funds or state budget financing.
  • In the last few years A. M. Jesiołowscy – Finanse sp. z o.o. has been placed between position 50. and 72. among Polish auditing companies in the ranking organised by the daily Rzeczpospolita.
  • We have audited financing of student loans for American students studying at the Jagiellonian University along the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) for the years 2002/2003 to 2010/2011.
  • Referring to the global harmonization of accounting principles we have implemented International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • We have been involved in creating and analysing consolidated reports.
  • We offer auditing services for the use of European Union financing – the company holds required authorizations and the necessary experience. Our auditors have been trained, among other fields, in legal and financial aspects for the 6th EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

What do you need?

  • Financial statement audit of a company which, according to the accounting act, is obliged to undergo evaluation of the financial statements
  • Annual audit of consolidated financial statements of the capital group
  • Preparation of the review of annual financial statements
  • External audit – audit of the use of European Union financing
  • Justification of damage assessment made by insurance companies
  • Confirmation of servicing investment commitments

What type of support?

PHASE I – preliminary audit:

  • Participation in asset inventory
  • Analysis and evaluation of internal inventory records and internal control of the company

PHASE II – proper audit

  • Verification of asset and liabilities valuation and deciding on the financial result for the financial year
  • Audit of the financial report with the criterion of probability and completeness of presented information
  • Audit of cash flow report
  • Audit of the report on changes in own equity
  • Audit of the introduction to the financial statement an well as additional information and clarifications
  • Checking the report on business activity against compatibility with the financial statement and legal requirements
  • Issuing the opinion on the financial statement integrity and preparation of a report on the audit process
  • Preparation of a confidential letter to the Management Board of the audited entity presenting primarily the evaluation of its accounting system and internal control (if necessary), handing over the Management information to the acknowledgement of the Supervisory Board (in the form of the so-called letter of intent) information on concerns in the accounting system of the audited company.

Financial statement audit is performed according to the National Standard of Financial Auditing no. 1 ‘General guidelines for financial statement auditing’.

Acting according to the national financial auditing standards we hand over an opinion and a report on the audit done, and present to the Owners written information on all vital remarks concerning the entity in question and primarily the opinion on the status of the accounting in the business.


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