25 lat doświadczenia A. M. Jesiołowscy Finanse

Cooperation with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Cooperation with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego Along the National Credit Guarantee Fund we cooperate with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Owing to this fund you may obtain credit financing without any property collateral. A.M. Jesiołowscy – Finanse sp. z o.o. offers audits for the use of EU funds. The company possesses required authorisations and adequate experience. We offer Customer business administration – ‘one door service’. Here Customers who outsource bookkeeping have at their disposal both finance and legal advisory service as well as management expertise. Main benefits for the Customer include: decrease in charges for advisory support (at the level of 70% of the standard price), execution of business plans, financial analyses, credit applications, applications for EU funds, drafts for legal documentation, proposals for legal solutions, including tax solutions without the necessity to: coordinate the work of additional experts from legal offices, tax offices or consulting agencies, transfer data between them, with many standard issues the customer receives document drafts ready for signing or proposals for improved, more effective solutions at our initiative exclusively, without the need to remember about say when and in what form the annual financial statement should be submitted.

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