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Accounting, HR and payroll

External accounting? Don’t let yourself be flooded by administration formalities

Why is competent accounting so important?

Bookkeeping makes the ‘cardiovascular system’ of each company. It is not only about document collection and a number of formal obligations to fulfil, it is also an important source of information on the company’s condition vital to the management board. Therefore a well maintained, reliable and professionally managed bookkeeping is crucial for the proper functioning of each business which aims at healthy growth on solid foundations where safety is a priority.

Responsible bookkeeping – what is it all about?

Accounting records as a consequence of commercial, financial and property decisions are reflected in tax and legal consequences. It is optimal when bookkeepers may count on support and consultation from lawyers, tax advisors, auditors and financiers when deciding on proper bookings. Such cooperation allows for increased safety in accountancy.

Why do we need other specialists?

Complexity of bookkeeping issues and the scope of accounting knowledge lead to situations where a person who is not a specialist in the field finds it difficult to verify the quality of work of the accountant. Often problems and neglects surface when their consequences are already serious and costly. Therefore it is so important that the books of your company are in the right hands – where responsible accounting is a priority. You will make your own judgment on what benefits, an experienced accountancy aiming at optimizing bookkeeping can bring.


Accounting services:

  • Accounting books – general ledger
  • Full accounting – account ledger for commercial companies
  • Organizing bookkeeping at customer’s office with emphasis on effectiveness – an option to have an accountant working at your office
  • Drawing up accounting policy (Chart of Accounts, document flow instructions, etc.) – respecting formal requirements, optimising work and processes related to bookkeeping
  • Tax declarations
  • Statistical reports for the Provincial Statistical Office (WUS)
  • Annual financial statements
  • Accounting services according to the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – along global harmonization of financial reporting standards

HR administration and payroll

  • Payroll calculation
  • Preparation of remuneration payment slips for the staff
  • Printout of information on social security charges and fees for employees (ZUS RMUA)
  • Clearings with the social security office, use of PŁATNIK software, electronic distribution of declarations
  • Verification and printout of reports (RCA, RSA, RZA, DRA)
  • Tax clearing, preparation of PIT-4 declaration
  • Remuneration reports preparation
  • Drawing up various documents for ZUS (National Insurance Agency) (e.g. Payee Slip RP-7, Z-3 form, Z-3a form, etc.)
  • Unregistering employees from ZUS
  • Preparing annual declarations for employees, contractors, etc. (PIT-11, PIT-8B, PIT-8C, PIT-40)
  • Keeping HR records / HR administration services
  • Personal files opening and their maintenance
  • Compiling all necessary documents on employees
  • Drawing up employment contracts, service contracts etc.
  • Medical check-up dates control, Health and Safety training etc.
  • Preparing ZUS reports (ZUA, ZCZA, ZCNA) and sending thereof
  • Control of working time reports
  • Holiday plans and their records
  • Preparing various documents for ZUS (Payee Slip RP-7, Z-3 form, Z-3a form, etc.)
  • Issuing work certificates
  • Unregistering employees from ZUS, sending out ZWUA declaration
  • Legal advisory on employment
  • Type of employment analyses
  • Drawing up employment contracts and civil law agreements
  • Advisory on Labour Law

What is to make your accounting office special?

  • Flexible price system
  • Remuneration subject to time involved and number of booking documents – customers pay only for the work done
  • Wide range of services
  • Keeping accounting books
  • HR and payroll services
  • Setting optimal bookkeeping at the customer’s office
  • Introducing accounting software and integrated management tools
  • Management accounting and a practical form of its presentation
  • Business insurance – Your business activity is insured at the total guarantee sum of 300,000.00 PLN + 10,000.00 EUR

What are the direct benefits?

  • Servicing fiscal controls
  • Confidentiality – especially important in the area of HR and payroll
  • Risk transfer – potential risk of failure and its consequence transferred to an external entity
  • Saving on costs – your company will not finance work positions and their maintenance medical insurance, pension fees, hardware and software purchase, office materials, costs of filing records, etc.
  • Legal support with tax, administration and property issues trouble shooting
  • Access to database at all times – service based on an Internet online tool which guarantees access to accounting data from anywhere and at any time.


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