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About Us

A.M. Jesiołowscy – Finanse is a recognized brand in the field of audit, accounting, business, legal and tax advisory. For over 20 years now customers have continued to appreciated our advisory support.

  • We provide audit of financial statements for companies in accordance with the National Auditing Standards in the wording of the International Standards on Auditing adopted by Resolution 3430/52a/2019 of the National Council of Statutory Auditors of March 21, 2019. on national auditing standards and other documents pursuant to the Act of 11 May 2017 on statutory auditors, audit firms and public supervision (Polish Act on Statutory Auditors, Audit Firms and Public Regulators (Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] of  2020 item 1415).
  • We offer accounting services (complete accounting, human resources and payroll administration) for over sixty entities, most of which are limited liability companies. Following the global trend of accounting harmonization we have implemented International Accounting Standards as well as the International Standards for Financial Reporting.
  • We specialize in legal, tax, business investment advisory, financial, strategy and equity consulting as well as controlling and management expertise. Additionally we offer trainings for entrepreneurs. We work for both private businesses and state institutions of national and local level. We are partners to the Małopolska Voivodeship Marshal Office and to the Ministry of Treasury.

We offer our accumulated experience in consultancy expertise to over 300 companies supporting management processes of small, medium and large enterprises from a wide spectrum of businesses. We offer end to end business support from bookkeeping to refined consulting services. Auditors, accountants, lawyers, management consultants, IT experts make a well-developed, stable and competent team administering businesses of many customers, being always helpful and available.

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