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Public – Private Partnership

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a form of business cooperation gaining popularity. In Poland where public activity is limited by low public funds this topic is especially valid and noteworthy. The rules of cooperation between a public institution and a business entity are defined by the act on public and private partnership dated December 19th 2008. Following its provisions the objective of a public-private partnership is mutual cooperation, with tasks and risks distribution between the public and private partner, towards fulfilment of a public objective and providing for construction, management, financing and maintenance of infrastructure used for offering a given service which fulfils a public need. Benefits of PPP over a traditional model of cooperation:

  • involvement of private sector resources to carry out public tasks,
  • private sector experience engagement in realization of tangible investments,
  • project risk distribution,
  • high quality of services secured by a PPP contract,
  • synergy effect.

We offer extensive expertise on PPP at each project stage for both public and private partners.

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